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Mitigate Malpractice Exposure with LegalFeeGuard

Dozens of Proposal for Settlement (PFS) offers are tendered every day throughout Florida. It is imperative that your clients understand the significant risks they face if they choose to reject or ignore a PFS. 

An Orange County firm is now facing litigation for not advising their client about the availability of LegalFeeGuard. The complaint mentions "the Defendant was professionally negligent by failing to advise the Plaintiff about LegalFeeGuard." 

The best way to protect yourself is to document that you discussed LegalFeeGuard with your client after receiving a PFS. Many attorneys are including our sample LegalFeeGuard PFS letter to their clients with every offer. The PFS letter gives the client the option to accept or deny the insurance. By doing so, the attorney is limiting their malpractice exposure.  

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