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Under Florida Bar Staff opinion 28705 (revised) of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Florida Bar, an attorney in Florida may advance the cost of the premium of the LegalFeeGuard policy on behalf of his or her client.

This opinion also states that the repayment of the premium can also be made contingent on the lawyer making a recovery on behalf of the client.

To get a policy, you just answer a handful of questions, and then purchase the policy online at a very reasonable premium. The policy is available to both plaintiffs and defendants at limits of $10,000, $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $125,000, and $150,000.

Policy Conditions

If you are a party to litigation in Florida or Georgia, then you may purchase a policy if the following conditions are met:

  • You are involved in a case covered by the state’s Offer of Judgment statute (Note - we do not cover PIP cases or first party property cases at this time)
  • The policy is purchased at least 40 days prior to the scheduled start of trial
  • The litigant is represented by legal counsel admitted to practice law in the state where the case is being heard.

The policy lasts from the date the policy is purchased until (1) the date that is thirty days after a judgment for attorney’s fees is entered against the insured, or (2) the voluntary or involuntary dismissal of the litigation, whichever occurs first. There is no need to pay a renewal premium, ever!

Important - You must notify the insurance company within 10 days of any verdict that will cause, or may reasonably be expected to result in a claim for, a fee award being payable under your policy by providing a completed Verdict Notification Form to the insurance company. This policy only provides coverage in the event of a trial result which triggers liability under the statute.

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