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An Adverse Offer of Judgment (PFS) can cut into your client's verdict AND your fee! Protect your fee and your client's net with LegalFeeGuard!


  • $100,000 Defense PFS
  • $70,000 verdict triggering Defense PFS
  • Defense seeks $50,000 fees
  • Judgment WITHOUT LegalFeeGuard = $20,000 ($70k - $50k)
    • Lawyer's fee on $20k = $8,000
  • Judgment WITH LegalFeeGuard = $70,000
    • Lawyer's fee on $70k Judgment = $28,000 (40% of $70k, LegalFeeGuard paid $50k directly)

Simple & Easy

  • Premiums as low as $500
  • No court documents required for purchase - just buy no later than 40 days prior to trial

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